Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Group work - Presidential Election in the USA

Today is the president election day in the USA. This is an important day, not only in The US but also for the rest of the world. Because America is such a big and important country with a lot of power will the result influence all of us. Today the republican Mitt Romney and democrat Barrack Obama are fighting for the throne. Many people are sure that Barrack Obama is the one who will win the election this year too, as he did in 2008. Even though Mitt Romney is getting more and more votes.

According to Voting and Registration Data - US Census 2008, the United States of America voter turnout was 58%. To compare with other countries, in Norway 76% of the people voted.  The best thing would be if 100% voted and used their right to vote. The politicians also use a lot of money during their campaign. Obama spent 852.9 m $ and Romney spent $752.3 million  on the election this year to get peoples votes.

Obama and Romney have quite different opinions. Obama wants girls to have abortion rights, he thinks it should be allowed to abort and girls should get the morning after pill on prescription if they want to. Romney used to support abortion, but is now against them. Furthermore Obama also supports gay marriage. In USA today gay marriage is only legal in some states, if Obama wins he will make a difference so that gay marriage is allowed all over the country. Romney is against gay marriage, as a Mormon he don’t think it’s right to let people of the same sex get married.

When it comes to taxes Obama wants everyone who can afford it and earns a lot of money to pay more tax so that the ones who are struggling can pay less. Obama wants wealthy people to pay at least 30% of their income while Romney wants to drop all the tax rates. He wants to lower the taxes.

They both want to improve the education system in America and Obama says that he wants the American schools to be the best. They also agree to a lot of things when it comes to decisions about war, the military and they both want to get more people jobs. Romney says that if he gets elected as president he will get 12million new jobs out on the marked.

Barrack Obama’s plans:

If Barrack Obama gets elected for president, his first plan is to help people who were hit by the storm Sandy to recover form it economically. This wouldn’t be a big problem, he says, because USA is a county that gets back on its feet very quickly after a natural disaster.

Obama has a long- term economic plan that involves investment in education, small businesses, clean energy and lower taxes especially for companies that brings jobs back to United States of America.
He wants to cut taxes by 3 600 USD for the typical American middle class family, allowing them to get a paying of 50 00 USD per year. Obama’s long- term economic plan also involves that USA has to use more of its own energy sources rather than buying energy from other countries. This means utilizing the American made energy to its maximum while the climate doesn’t get affected.

When President Obama was in charge, America has experienced 32 straight months of job growth, 5.4 million more private sector jobs, and nearly 479 000 manufacturing jobs since the year 2010. This is a clear sign that Barrack Obama will make a good US President.

President Obama was the one who ended the war in Iraq and returned US troops home from Afghanistan. Now his plan is to use half the savings from the war to pay back some of the debt and to invest in new building projects in the US. Another plan is to help young and hardworking immigrants who were brought here as children to get better healthcare and better paying, as well as less hard work.

Mitt Romney’s plans:

Mitt Romney’s plans when it comes to economy are quite similar to Obama’s plans. Mitt Romney also wants to lower the taxes, for instance. He wants to make a smaller, a simpler and a smarter government by cutting the taxes for the typical middle class families in USA and increasing the taxes for the rich people in the country.

However, Mitt Romney’s plans don’t involve withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan. His further plans are unknown.

Another negative thing about Romney as US president is that he refused to help immigrants who came to USA as children. 

Well, I don’t think I have to say more about Romney’s plans because I’m 100% democrat. I really hope that Obama wins the election even though I don’t live in the USA. I think he made a very good progress the last four years and that he would make a great American President.

We think everyone is entitled of their own opinion and who they support when it comes to the election. Obama is our favorite candidate and we hope to see him win and become the president of The United States once again.

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  1. Interesting post. I didn't know that the democrats has created so many new jobs. The fact that Obama want to tax the wealthy people with 30%, surprised me. I knew he wanted to tax them more, but in America, 30% is really high. I think its great that he's taking so big steps in the right direction!

  2. Good job. Have read very little about Romney so i really didn't know that Romney wanted to lower the tax. Oh well, when i think about it is realistic since he wanted to get rich people richer. Neither did i know that Romney would refuse immigrants who would come to the U.S.A even if they wore children. (It would be nice with some pictures, it would make the text more interesting ;)

  3. I really liked this post! :D I didn't know that Obama want to invest in new building projects in the US and that Romney refused to help immigrants who came to USA as children.

  4. Hi Dimitrije! You are very good at writing English! :) Especially I liked your introduction, you gave a good and short overview, and I liked that you added the importance of the election, not only in the US, but for the entire world! You also gave a good explanation of the two candidates and their plans. I didn't know that Romney wants to lower the taxes, or that Obama wants to help immigrants who were brought here as children, to get better health care and better paying! Interesting :) -Marie