Monday, 19 November 2012

Alaska natives

Americans were not the first people to set foot on Alaskan soil, neither were the Russians.
The first people to ever settle in Alaska were Alaska’s indigenous people who settled there for more than thousand years ago. Many different tribes and cultures were established there at that time, and in the 19th century Americans and Europeans began trading with native people in Alaska. They traded food and clothes which the habitants have developed to protect themselves against the harsh climate in Alaska. Whale meat is an example of food that Alaskans traded with Americans and Europeans, but also with Russians and British later on.
Well, since there are quite a lot native Alaskan cultures and tribes out there, I suggest you to go to Wikipedia or some other site and find these tribes there. I can however tell you something about the Athabascan tribe.

There are many native Alaskan cultures today, where each culture contain one or more tribes.

The Athabascan or Athabaskan tribe is one of the largest in North America because a very large number of the Atabascan people live in Canada and Alaska, while the minority lives near the Mexican border and in USA’s west-coast. Athabascan is actually a language family which is spoken by the Athabascan tribe. It is divided in three mains groups: Northern Athabascan, Pacific Coast Athabascan and Southern Athabascan. These three language groups are also divided into many languages. Northern Athabascan is consists of 31 languages, Pacific Coast Athabascan consists of seven other languages, and the Southern Athabascan language group is divided into six languages. All these languages are not as similar as you may think. They can be compared to each other like the Indo-European languages which we have on planet Earth today.

Well, I hope this text helped you guys a little bit even though it isn’t that much information in it. As I mentioned before I found all the information I needed on Wikipedia, so if you guys find any mistakes or of you know more about Alaska natives, feel free to post a comment. J

Here are the links that I’ve used and that you can use if you want to know more about the Athabascan tribe or Alaska’s indigenous people.


  1. I think you found a lot of information on Wikipedia. Lets hope the students in Alaska can provide us with more!

  2. There are five distinct groups of Native Alaskan peoples: Aleut Athabascan (Interior Indians); Tlingit and Haida (Coastal Indians); Inupiat (Northern Eskimos); and Yupik (Southern Eskimos). The precise timing of migrations to Alaska is a controversial subject among anthropologists but it is generally accepted that humans migrated from Siberia sometime between 15,000 - 50,000 years ago. During several glaciations sea level dropped as much as 350 feet exposing a vast grassland bridge called Beringia.
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